Welcome to An Introduction to Unix! This website aims to give people, with little or no knowledge of Unix, a good foundation in the fundamentals of Unix.

This guide starts with the basics to give a good overall view, and then gets more precise by seeing how to work directly with a Unix machine. Commands will be taught throughout this guide that will deal directly with the current section, and examples of all commands will be shown.

To start off, whenever you see something in a black text-box-looking block, this signifies code, or a command. If it is a command it will typically be shown like this:

$ command

In that example, command is a command that could be run directly on the Unix machine (if this is confusing don't worry, it will become clear in the first 2 sections).

Code, on the other hand, will always start with a 'shebang', or 'hashbang', which looks like a # sign (hash) followed by an exclamation mark ! (bang). Code will look like this:

echo $((a+b))

The 'shebang' in that example is '#!/bin/bash', and that lets you know that what you are seeing is code, and coincidentally tells the computer that this file, if it is executed, should be executed using /bin/bash.

That's it for the intro to this guide, to get started click the link below this line to the right that says 'Getting Started', or click the corresponding like on the side menu.

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