Getting Started

To follow along with this tutorial you do not need to have a Unix machine; I will show and explain all commands used as we go along. If you do have a Unix machine you will be able to follow along with this tutorial.

If you are using Linux, then you are using a Unix-like machine and will be able to follow along. Also, if you are using a Mac you can also follow along because it is a Unix machine. If you are on Windows, then sadly you will not be able to follow along on your own machine, but you can still read through the tutorial and learn Unix!

If you're just trying to follow along by reading the guide move to the next page entitled 'Bash'. If you want to follow along and do the commands that are on each page then read on.

You're going to need to open a terminal on your computer to follow along, so if you are on Linux this will either be gnome-terminal if you are using gnome, or Konsole if you are using kde (feel free to use any other terminal program that you like).

If you are on a Mac you need to open the program terminal. In order to do this open finder, go to the menu at the top and go to Go -> Utilities, then from there open Terminal.

This is all you need to get started! Move on to the next session.

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