Creating Files

To create files and folders on a unix system you will need the following commands:

Let's go back to your home directory, so type cd ~.

Now let's make a folder called unix, to do this run this command

dave@[datadyne]:~/$ mkdir unix

Now let's go into the folder and make 2 files called file1 and file2 (original i know.)

dave@[datadyne]:~/$ cd unix
dave@[datadyne]:~/unix/$ touch file1
dave@[datadyne]:~/unix/$ touch file2
dave@[datadyne]:~/unix/$ ls
file1        file2

Assuming everything went as planned you should see 2 files in the output of ls. Touch also allows multiple file names on the same lines. When something comes as a parameter to a command (file1 is the parameter we sent to touch) it is called the programs arguments. We could have done this instead.

dave@[datadyne]:~/$ touch file1 file2

That would have had the same effect. Now we can rename file2 to file3, to do this we can use mv. And then, just for fun, let's delete those files.

dave@[datadyne]:~/$ mv file2 file3
dave@[datadyne]:~/$ rm file1 file3

We don't rm file2 because it has been moved to file3. Now let's move back to the home directory and remove the directory unix.

dave@[datadyne]:~/$ rmdir unix

rmdir I threw in as a bonus command, it only works if the directory you are trying to remove is empty, otherwise you would have to use rm -r unix. BE VERY CAREFUL WITH rm, you can remove a lot of files with it in one command, and there is no undo or Recycling Bin.

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