The Filesystem

The Filesystem on Unix machines is very straight-forward. There is a root folder simply called '/', and any file or folder that exists on the machine exists within the root folder (often call 'slash' or 'the root directory'). Inside the root directory you will find typical folders that will exists on most Unix-based machines.

Note: /proc is very different across different Unix-based operating systems.

You don't need to memorize this! Use this page as a reference... But if you start using Unix or Linux you'll find that you do memorize this without much effort.

The part of the file system that we will be dealing with for the most part is the users home directory, which is typically located at /home/$USER. In the prompt if you recall there was a '~' character that symbolized my home directory. From the prompt you can run this command and it will tell you the path of your home directory

dave@[datadyne]:~/$ pwd

Bash recognizes ~ as a shortcut to the current users home directory, which for me is /home/dave.

That's all for the filesystem for right now, so let's move on to navigating the filesystem.

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