A script is a collection of commands saved in a file that can be called upon later. To write a script is very easy, and we will use nano to write one. Nano is a super light weight text editor that is easy to use and learn. To start off go to your home directory by typing cd ~ (bonus, you can also do cd "$HOME", or just cd by itself)! Now type this command.


This will open up a text editor for this newly created file. Now type this in exactly as it appears


To save press CTRL + x, then y for yes, then enter. This will save the file. Now to call the script type bash The output should look like this...

dave@[datadyne]:~/$ bash
Hello Dave, you are 21 years old!

It used the variables and replaced them where they belonged in the echo statement.

That was a basic script, we'll cover more advanced ones later.

Note. Nano as an editor is pretty basic, for more advanced text editing you might want to consider an editor like vim.

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